Cyber Security

Why would hackers target me?

Because you have an Identity, they can steal a Credit Rating they can abuse and Banks Accounts they can raid.

Homes are an easier target than a business as they usually have more unprotected or unsecured devices installed and have less protection in place.

Why Cyber Body Guard?

Unlike traditional equipment, Cyber Body Guard Uses Home intelligence to protect all your devices across your entire home network. Phones and fridges, PCs and speakers, webcams, nannycams, tablets, and TVs are all protected. 

It is your own personal digital Body Guard that is discreet and strong. It helps keep you and your family safe so you can sleep well at night.

What are hackers looking for?


They want access to your email accounts and online services

Credit Cards

They can order goods and services and you pick up the bill.

Webcam Access

To watch and snoop on your family and track your daily habits.

Company Networks

Get into your company or business network from less secure home machines.

Bank Accounts

Gain access to your Bank Accounts to steal your money.

Identity Fraud

Get hold of key information like your National Insurance Number, Date of Birth, Passport Info in order to steal your identity.