All homes have locks, some homes have burglar alarms.

Smart homes have Cyber Body Guard!

Cyber Body Guard creates a cyber shield around your home to Protect and Detect any intrusions or hack to your Wi-Fi, Network and Devices.


Cyber Body Guard is a simple robust device that is installed between your internet connection and your Home network or Wi-Fi and protects your entire home network. It provides robust cybersecurity protection, detection, and response so you can sleep safely at night.

Cyber Body Guard combines hardware, software, and human protection into a robust end to end cybersecurity service.

Your home is at risk

Your home is where you live, sleep, raise your children and often your workplace. It is your safe haven. But 30% of all smart home devices are easy to hack and the internet is full of dangers.

Hackers are everywhere

Right now, hackers could be monitoring your email, listening to your private conversations, tracking your movement and even taking photos of you and your kids.


Cyber Body Guard protects

Anti-virus cannot stop all cybercrime, and neither can your firewall. Cyber Body Body Guard monitors your entire home network – and all the people and devices in it.

Cyber Body Guard protects


According to recent research, the average UK home now has 10.3 Internet-enabled devices. The explosion of Smart TV’s, Voice Devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, let alone our computers, iPads, and Phones is creating security risks like no other. Each of these devices creates a possible “back door” for hackers and scammers to get into your network to steal personal data and information for Identity Fraud and worse still access to online bank accounts and savings.

Cyber Bodyguard creates a cyber shield around your home to Detect and Protect against any intrusions or hack to your Wi-Fi, Network and Devices.